Monday, March 30, 2015


I cant believe this week we are going into the month of April! March was super super fast. I think I have been to 5 different internet garages this morning looking for internet. My whole zone was almost in tears haha. I think we are all grateful for internet. 
This week was crazy. We moved into our new room on Saturday with the help of 2 elders. I dont know how that is even possible because we are in a zone of 18 elders. it was alittle bit like moving in new york all over again haha my comp said that she couldnt lift anything soooo I did all the work but im super happy in our new room. No more leaky roofs yayyy! We live with two elderly people that have more energy than I do. Hermana Juanita invited me to do work out videos with her every morning haha. Her husband just had surgery on his throat so he cant talk and so we've been acting out a lot. Its great! The best part is that we have a warm shower. Over all it was a good choice haha. 
So last lunes for pday we did absolutely nothing. nothing. It was awful. Sometimes i just have to pray extra extra hard for patience with my comp. We didnt talk for over 24 hours so that was super fun but after all that time I had a super spiritual experience that I will never forget. It gave me the energy to keep going. Sometimes you need that. A little something to give you hope and the motivation to keep going! ON saturday we were able to attend the womens conference which was super super good! I hope you guys were able to attend! It talked a lot about the imortance of family and the family proclamation. I am SO EXCITED for general conference this week! I want to invite you all to think of a question or something you need right now in your life and I want you to pray about it. I can promise you all that you will recieve your answer or some guidance in this general conference! I CANT WAIT haha I get to watch it in english I think which is super cool! 
I was reading a talk this week that my mom told me about called "His grace is sufficient." Its pretty short and SUPER good. I encourage you all to read it. I highlighted basically the whole thing ha but one of my favorite phrases in the talk is "put simply, if Jesus didnt require practice then we would never become saints." It talks about how when we feel like we've failed or we just aren't good enough, keep trying. We are put on this earth to be tried and tested but we can't fail if we don't try. But we also cant succeed without trying. "Gods grace is sufficient, Jesus´s grace is sufficient." We just have to give it everything we can and they will do the rest. Its a good reminder to try your best. To be the best you can be! Im super grateful for Grace because sometimes you feel like you aren't good enough. But I know that when we kneel down at night to say our prayers and can truly say that we've given that day your all, God will do the rest. I have to remind myself a lot to just take it one day at a time!
Anyways....I love you all! Have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Que tal....

¿Que tal?! I feel like i blinked and the week was over haha so fast! I think winter is well on its way here. I hope i survive...I think if I can survive a winter in New York I will be just fine here! There was a lot of earthquakes this week...We have them almost every week and they are usually just little quakes but last night in the middle of the night we woke up to the strongest and longest one ive been in yet at around 12 and then again at 4 and it actually scared me super bad. I didnt sleep for the rest of the night! Other than that my week was great! Last week for pday we did absoutely nothing because we had some appointments and again today we dont really have a pday which im a little sad about but oh well! We havent had water in our room for a week now...dont worry im still showering haha so I think we are moving on Saturday and will finally have a pensionista again YAY im super stoked! We are moving in with this couple that are actually really old but super spunky. They lived in utah for 8 years so they know a little bit of english! I got the package from gma Holt this week and I am SO THANKFUL because my acne decided to become gigantic and I have a couple of "el mists" on my face haha. So THANK YOU!! On saturday we had an activity with the relief society and I won the award for the biggest feet and smallest ears haha I was feeling a little bit unporpotioned (is that a word?) but it was fun! We had divisions with the new hermana leaders here and i got to leave my area which i was super stoked about. I always learn alot in divisions. I really like them! This next week was suppose to be the baptism of Edwin BUT he went MIA this week and we can't get ahold of him...So probably we are moving his baptism to the begining of april! Silvia moved out of our area so we cant baptize her. We're super sad about it because shes super ready for baptism BUT the important thing is that she will be baptized! Im super excited to be serving with my sista Shotwell again! im just super stoked for her! I dont have a lot of exciting things to say this week but I love you all so much! Talk to you next week!

The pictures i sent are of a family here that are our rescues  (less active but we "rescued" them) they are like my family here! the older girl is moving to the states in august to get married.  I love them to death! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 21....

I have been more than excited to write you all this week. I hope everyone is doing well! This week was good...Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the violin in church which was really fun because sometimes I really miss it. Also, we were in a lesson yesterday night and I said something wrong (i still have no idea what) and everyone was laughing at me for a straight 30 minutes haha so yeah im still just here tryin to learn some español. BUT something I really noticed this week is the love I am really starting to have for the people here. Especially the people in our ward. It is SO important that you work well with the people in your ward because they are your family here! 
On saturday night I met a man from Canada that was visiting here and so we were able to talk a little! He was the twin of Paul Jensen except absolutely hates guns haha so big difference there. HE was basically a hippy and just wants world peace. He was very interesting and thought I was basically mental because seriously my english is horrible. But it was cool. I taught him a little bit about what we believe and wanted to give him a folleto but only have them in spanish haha. 
The city of Arequipa has a shortage of water which im sooo confused about because it rains all the time, but anyways they have been cutting our water so this week I have been grateful for when we do have water haha. showering has become super creative! 
So besides all the good stuff I want to share a little from my studies this week (the better stuff)...Its weird the things i study sometimes I dont know the reason I study some of the things I do! But I was studying one day about "Light" and found some scriptures that i really liked. But i really loved this scripture in Ether 2:25

 25 And behold, prepare you against these things; for yecannot cross this great deep save prepare you against thewaves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth,and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will yethat should prepare for you that ye may have light whenye are swallowed up in the depths of the sea?

We cannot make it through this life without the help of our Heavenly Father. We need His "Light". I was thinking a lot about Chandler and Carli when I read this because they are at such an important time in their lives with some hard decisions and its so important that we stay close to our Heavenly father so we can have that light with us always. Even when we are "swallowed up in the depths of the sea" Its so important that we hold tight to the things we know we believe. idk this is just a scripture that I really loved this week! :)
I love you all so much! talk to you soon!
 Laundry day!

 Study time?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Marzooo... (March)

heyyyy This week was super fast (like every week),
We had transfers this week but by some miracle we dont have transfers YES! We actually legit thought we were going to have transfers and so Friday we fasted and prayed like never before haha and saturday when we found out we didnt have transfers we actually started crying (it was the first time ive felt the love from my comp haha) my emotions are out of control in the mission. i hate it. But this also means that I will most likely be here in Puerta Verde (green door)  for half of my mission. haha. oh well! Im super excited because we have a lot of good things going on right now! we have two inv. with bautismal dates (edwin and silvia). I also prayed that we wouldnt get anymore americanos in my zone andddd we didn't. SO im pretty happy! 
During contacting this week...well first off I`ll tell you about the game we play when we contact. so there is this drink here called inca cola thats super freakin good and im probably going to have withdrawals when i get home...but my companion hates it and likes the coca cola. so when we contact we ask the person if they like inca cola or coca cola. if they like inca cola I have to talk and if they like coca cola my companion has to talk. Well during contacting this week we found this lady (that liked inca cola) and we started talking to her about the gospel (duhh) well we found out that every single person in her family are members minus her....So we asked her why only her? and she said that she has seen so many people become members of the church having the desire to change their lives and then shortly after fall away and get back into their old habits. I was thinking a lot about this for the rest of the day. If everyone that was a member of the church was honest and true to their covenants wanting to truly endure to the end, think of the example we could be to other people. Its sad that some people have a bad idea about us because of the choices some people make! In a letter the assistant to the president sent last week he asked all of us this question.."what is your motive?" what is your motive for serving a mission? for joining the church? etc. You could apply this question to just about anything. If we could all just remember our motives in life. The reason we had the desire in the begining to persue something! I think if we could just always remember our motives we would never fail at anything. because our desires and motives is what keeps us going especially when it gets hard! I think joining the church is the easy part. the hard part is staying strong.
anyways, yeah thats just something Ive been thinking about this week! I dont really have alot to say this week! but I hope everyone has a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Best weekend EVER....

Hey family,
So I was in Lima Sunday and yesterday for my visa so that is why i am writing today! Lima was crazy fun. I got to be reunited with my BFF Hermana menlove so you know i was happy haha. I think we both wanted to cry when we saw each other! It was the first time i was able to speak english in weeks but it was super cool because last time we saw each other we couldnt speak any spanish and now we can have full on conversations together. its super fun! Hermana menlove is in a zone with alot of amerianos and I dont want to admit it but my spanish was much better. it really is a blessing being surrounded by latinos haha. I think we were both weirded out for a minute when we landed in Lima because its like a whole different world there haha theres like buildings and cars and malls haha. We got to stay in a hotel that had air conditioning and hot water and I thought i had died and gone to heaven haha then we woke up in the morning and for breakfast they had TOAST. like what?? it was the best weekend ever haha. We were both really sad when we had to come back but its good. It was a nice little vacation...
I am really starting to enjoy the work. There are of course hard days but they are starting to be less frequent. I love latinos. My zone full of latino elders are like my brothers. Its weird because i am starting to feel more comfortable around latinos than i am americanos. I love it!!! okay so about my week...On sunday we had two investigators at church...One of them is Silvia. we have been teaching her for a couple of weeks and we promised her this sunday in the chapel she would recieve her answer if she is suppose to get baptized...well after sacrament meeting we talked with her and set a date to be baptized in two weeks! so excited for her:) I was also able to share my testimony in church on sunday which was so fun. I can testify that the gift of tounges is real and that we speak through the spirit because I dont remember anything i said but hermana andia said my spanish was perfect. so cool. Isabel told us last week that she had recieved revelation that she was suppose to open her resturaunt on sundays too so she wouldnt be attending church...we tried to explain to her again what revelation was and that she probably needed to pray again...well she didnt show up for church sunday but started to read Alma 5. If any of you know what goes on in Alma 5 you know she will for sure be at church next sunday haha. 
We have a family of rescatados that we are trying to get back into the church that are so awesome and they have a daughter who is marrying an american in agosto and so I have been translating for her while she talks to her future mother in law through skype about the wedding plans. its super fun! I just feel like my spanish is really starting to come along..Its the best feeling in the entire world. We have cambios (transfers) this week. I really dont think i am going anywhere but there is a possiblity that my companion is..i really hope not because we are really starting to work well together but God knows what I need! We have a goal for 3 baptisms this month and i know we can do it. Im excited for another month to work harder and be better than i was last month! I wish I had more to say about my week but I cant even rememeber most of it haha time is unreal in the mission! I love you all so much! talk to you next week!
 Kinzie in Lima with BFF sister Menlove and Elder Monroe. 

In some random field.