Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

hey everyone!
HAppy THanksgiving!
half way theere! (through the CCM) hah time is flying so fast now its crazy. i get semi sick when i think about leaving this place haha my spanish is not going to be anywhere near ready but its cool. I am still loving it here. i love being in the Peru CCM because it´s so small you get to know everyone! This week was AMAZING! complete turn around from last week. i cant even explain hah we had two baptisms this week which i know is only with fake investigators but they do not make it easy on us and me and hermana hailstone have been working our behinds off! we have been working so hard to strengthen our companionship. we started reading the spanish book of mormon together and we are already through 2 nephi! i feel like it has been strenghtening our relationship so much. we have seen HUGE improvements in our lessons! so yeah, this week has been the best ever! hah thank you for your prayers. I KNOW they have been helping me! i feel like i don´t have anything really to say hah this week was just great! the weather is getting warmer but not too warm yet. we have been so blessed with the best weather ever. i love studying outside because it is the perfect temperature! they do not celebrate thanksgiving here (obviously) but we are having a ´nice´dinner tomorrow and a devotional from Provo which i got to ask a question in. so i´m excited for that! and they started putting up christmas lights around the CCM so that will be fun! the grounds here are gorgeous! i love it. i wish i could send pictures to you all! we found a starbucks today in Lima. kinda was like the states for a second haha. im getting pretty good at volleyball haha we play it every day after hermana sloan kills us with her work outs! i tried playing futbol with the latins but it was just a gigantic fail. not happening. hmm what else is exciting here...we found out what is making us sick haha its the juice. hermana sloan dedicated a whole day to finding out what is was. she drank only juice for breakfast. ate only rice for dinner. and had only meat for lunch. by the end of the day the conclusion was its the juice. so now we avoid it at all costs haha. i wish i could think of more to say but i cant so i will just leave you with something i thought was cool this week!
an elder in my district (elder greggson) shared this with us. we memorized the first vision this week and in the first vision. the first word God says in THIS dispensation is Joseph. that just shows how personally our Heavenly Father knows us. he knows us all So well and so personally. i thought that was super cool.
thank you all so much for your support and love! i know your prayers are helping me emensley! i love you all so much and pray for each of you everyday! til next week!
xoxo -Hermana Holt

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Crazy Blessed

i hope you are doing so great because i am!  i have never been so frustrated in my life but ive also never been so happy. how does this go hand in hand? idk.  i know i am being so blessed. my spanish may not be coming along as fast as some others but im amazed at how far i have come. dont worry about me ever though i sleep so great at night and eat great for what we have haha. i love our family pictures haha i miss you guys! just not tooo much! i love my sisters here though. i was thinking about that today in the temple. i love these girls so much! me and hermana ossola have become pretty close! i cant wait to share pictures with you all of my district and zone! some people from our zone left for the field yesterday and it was pretty sad because its such a small CCM we get really close easily! but anyways some of them had some pictures so i told them to send them to me so i could forward them to you guys but well see if that happens. im excited for this next week. i know its going to be alot better! i have so much faith in myself and my heavenly father. i really do. i know that through him i can do all things.
the weather here has been amazing lately! i always sit outside for study time and we get physical activity everyday which is  alot of fun! everyone that i talk to about arequipa here just talks about how good the food is there soooo i mean thats good and bad haha but im so excited that is where im serving. i feel like my emails are a mess so im sorry. i get so stressed because we only have an hour. but tell carli i love her hair! she looks crazy beautiful always! anyways i love you guys so so so much. you have no idea. you all mean so much to me. im crazy blessed! ill talk to you next week! 
                    -your Hermana Holt 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hola! (ya that is still probably all of the espanol i can speak. sadly) I have so much i want to share i dont even know where to begin. first off my grammer and all that is going to be crazy. sorry. SOO one week down. holy cow. longest week of my life. i´m pretty sure that one day here equals about three days in real life. my first day here was the LONGEST day i have ever had in my life. it was never ending. my teachers hermana coca and hermana corilla dont speak any english and so basically i just sit in class and focus SUPER hard on their mouths trying to figure out what the heck is going on. the other day hermana coca was yelling at me in espanol for a solid five minutes telling me to throw away my granola bar and i was just staring at her. learning a language is exhausting. my brain is fried by like 8pm.BUT i am proud to say that i am progressing so fast. i can understand a lot of what goes on i just have no idea how to answer back...we all had to choose a Christ like attribute that we wanted to work on this week. so i chose Hope. I know that if i have hope AND faith in myself and my Heavenly Father that i will get this down evetually. i just have to have patience with myself and continue to have fatih... soo heres what my day is like. i just have so much to tell you i hope i get it all haha. so I wake up at 5:30 which is an hour before everyone else so i can get a shower because there is three showers total for all of the hermanas here. ridic. after that we have breakfast which consists of watered down eggs and a peice of toast (which tastes like heaven) in Peru it is really rude to not finish all of the food that is on your plate so during the meals we are either trying to figure out who will finish it or the best way to hide it! i´m surprised they dont try and include rice in our breakfast because no matter what we are having for lunch or dinner they incorperate it some how. the food is pretttay nasty but i am getting used to it. (thanks mom for the snacks you packed. they are saving many elders lives) we found the perfect scripture to discribe what the food is like here so if you want a good laugh look up Jeremiah 4:19. lets just say the food here either makes you severly constapated or youre in the bathroom every five minutes. my whole zone has been blessed to experience both ends of it in just this short week. so my zone has 6 hermanas and 2 elders. us 6 hermanas are the only hermanas in the CCM that have 6 in one room. its about the size of my closet but i honestly LOVE them. Hermana Menlove, she is from utah and her and I are TWINS. I love her to death. we both struggle in class so bad.  Hermana Anderson, she is from las vegas and is crazy smart and is basically already fluent in spanish. her and hermana menlove are both going to arequipa with me! yay! Hermana Ossola, she is from colorado and is also crazy smart and extremely quiet but we get along so great! Hermana Sloan, she´s from Canada and we jokingly call her Hermana Michaels becuase she makes us do these crazy work outs everyday (like julian michaels) and last but not least mi companera....Hermana Hailstone. she is from Cedar City and Lets just say she has made my patience and love grow atleast ten fold just in this week alone. but hey only five more weeks right!¿ The last three hermanas are staying right here in Lima! and the two elders are Elder Gregson, from portland oregon. and Elder Haas from California. they are like our brothers. i absolutely love them. all the elders give them alot of crap because they are in an all girl district but i know they love it! Today was our first pday, obviously. we got to go the Lima temple this morning at 7 and it was amazing.our bus ride there was thee craziest ride of my life. I had a small, fat peruvian mans belly rubbing up against my face thee entire ride. But i was just too happy to be out of the walls of the CCM to care! i was thinking it was going to be really nice to just relax a little and get our minds off of things but trying to do a temple session in espanol is anything but relaxing. i had a few good laughs. besides that it was an amazing experience that i´m so glad i got to do! afer that we went to a few stores around lima and then just headed back to the CCM. my companion has never been outside of utah so she was a little on edge thee entire time. bless her heart.  So besides all of th craziness here i have loved it. I have never been so frustrated, exhausted, happy, and everything else in my life. i have come SO far already and still have so so much to learn but i love it. I absolutely love personal study time. i really am having a blast here and love who i am surrounded by. You cant help but to be happy here all the time. no matter who your companion is....I am just so grateful to be here having these experiences. i am so excited for another week! I LOVE YOU ALL. thank you for all of your love and support! I will get better at this email thing. and we arent allowed to send pictures but i am taking a ton. dont worry! Paz y amor!!!
Quiero compiartir mi testimonio con usted. yo se que Jesucrist es nuestro salvador. yo so que las familias son eternos. yo se que dios me ama. este conocimiento me ayuda a superar desafios y tener esperanza. yo se que jose smith es un profeta. yo se que las escripturas son bendicion y insipirado. en el nombre jesucristo, amen.
(for those of you who speak spanish. dont judge. i know that was rough.)
xoxoxoxo -Hermana Holt

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

She made it!!

helloooo, well i made it to the MTC. i would rather cut my finger off than do that plane ride again haha but i am so happy to be here! my pdays are next wednesday so sorry mom youll have to wait a week. I already have so much to tell you! also these keyboards are so hard. BUT we just got our name badges and I LOVE IT! it gave me the chills haha i love being a sister. Im so so happy. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! talk to you next week!
xoxo -Hermana Holt

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Ready to leave for the airport!

The night before.....
Just after Kinzie was set apart as a missionary, YAY!!