Monday, March 28, 2016

Last change :((((

My life feels like a dream right now! I knew I was going to have changes, I have felt it for a long time, but i didn't want to believe it....saying goodbye to my ward was awful haha I was a MESS! I never thought I would grow to love these people so much. I felt like I was saying goodbye to my family all over again. 
 BUT I am coming to you live from CAMANA!! I am 3 hours out of Arequipa right on the ocean with Hermana Rivero from Argentina, as sister leaders....again! haha its going to be an AMAZING change! Got here and no one knew so I just chilled on the street for a couple of hours and waited for someone to come and get me, haha. We went to our room which is on the third level of a house (perfect ocean view) and a parrot lives right out side our room...I feel like my life is a dream!!! I am SO excited..I know I have A LOT of work to do here....I only have 6 weeks to gain the confidence of the members and to work my very hardest. Its going to be great!
I hope you all had a great Easter! I dont know if you have seen the new videos...I hope you have...if not I am going to attach the link to watch them! I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy conference!!! Its going to be a great week!
Hermana Holt 

P-day with Hermana Menlove and Anderson

A family we were working on rescuing in Hunter.

Andi (Andicito), my cutest little Peruvian brother.

"Suegra"-My Peruvain Grandma

Lucy-my Peruvian Mama. Hardest goodbye EVER!!

My Family....these people are near and dear to my heart!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Well....i have nothing too exciting to share with you guys this week....just another week! The weeks are going by incredibly fast its freaking me out! 
This week was kind of full of bad luck....I dropped my agenda in the street somewhere (has my whole life in it) and so we spent like 2 hours one day retracing our steps...we never found it...
We did a service on Saturday morning in Tiyabaya....we woke up at 7 and climbed to the top of a huge mountain where this guy wants to build his house...I have to give it to them. They work HARD for what they have...we spent like 6 hours breaking rocks and digging into the side of a mountain...i forgot a hat and sunscreen and got FRIED. it was super fun though! 
Niemela and I are becoming really great friends! We can talk and laugh for hours! i love it. I am making eternal friends here.....
Well....have a great week! Talk to you all soon...way soon with how fast time is going haha.


pics...playing with cuyi

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Keep it simple....

Another week....I think its going to rain today...this week was great though! The time is flying super fast, i really can't believe it...not a lot of exciting things to say....
We had a zone conference this week in Pedrigal with president, it was good.
I wanted to tell you guys about one of our investigators...Arnaldo..hes SUPER awesome. He comes every single week to church and all of our activties..he reads the book of mormon and prays and has all the lessons...he just won't accept a date. haha If you guys have any advice go ahead and share it!:) I really feel like he is progressing but very slowly. We have been working on his testimony of the Book of Mormon. If there is anything I have learned in the mission its that a testimony of the book of mormon is KEY! It is the foundation to everything. 
I was studying a little bit this week in the bible...sometimes I feel like i stil have SO much to learn and im just never going to learn it all. Paul ( i think its his name in english) says, we cant skip the milk and go striaght for the meat. God gives us what we can handle. Our testimonies grow a little bit at a time and we are able to gain more knowledge. If we were ale to understand the deep things could shake our testimony. I learned that its okay to have a SIMPLE testimony of the Gospel. I love that they say that the Gospel is so simple a five year old can understand it, yet so complex we could spend our life studying it and never figure out everything. Its perfect. SO just keep it simple.:)
Well, I dont have much to share this week! My email keeps kicking me off so i dont have much time. But i love you all! talk to you next week.

pics: me and Rosa and Niemela...i love them both! 
I found a united states postal hat here haha...they have a lot of random stuff here like that....