Monday, September 28, 2015

Semaannaaa 6........

This week went by in a blink of an eye. pucha makina. 
(a little peruvian slang for you all) Last p-day was probably the funnest p-day I have had in the mission. We went to ilo and played futbol and volleyball on the beach with the ilo zone. SO FUN. I got fried but it was cool. Last night all of the sisters here in Moqueuga slept at the sister leaders house. Sleep overs aren't the same in the mission because all you want to do is sleep and you still have to wake up early haha soooo no pasa nada.  This week was full of lots of good stuff.
On Thursday we went to Arequipa. I was able to go to the doctor and we had our interviews with president Zobrist (the best pres in the WORLD!) He shared his testimony about family history which really touched my heart. Interviews with him are always the best because we talk about whatever and then get to the spiritual stuff. He's just so laid back. He told me that I probably do have changes next week so I'm a little nervous. I guess we will see! 
I don't have much to say this week but just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday. I have been feeling really frustrated and sad that I might have changes. Just feeling that maybe I haven't accomplished everything I need to here. You all know how much i LOVE moquegua. I have changed SO much here in my time here. I LOVE the people here. I love everything about Moquegua. I worked my very very hardest in this area. But yesterday I was just feeling a little down. So i knelt down to talk with my Heavenly Father and right before I even started my prayer a thought from my patriarchal blessing came into my head. It was just a moment when I realized how much my heavenly Father knows me. How much he loves me. He knows me better than I know myself. He answered my prayer before I even prayed. I guess what I want to share is that your Heavenly Father knows you. He knows your thoughts, the desires of your hearts. My mom was sharing with me a little about church yesterday about the song "I am a child of God" and how much the words of the song actually mean. It's so true. We have such a loving Heavenly Father and the more that we talk with him and come to know him, the more we will be able to understand his love. We are never ever alone!

I'll share with you guys a couple of super funny things that happned this week....The other night we were kneeling down to say our companionship prayer in the night before bed and I knew i was tired but my comp started her prayer and I don't remember anything more. I woke up in the dark still knelt by my bed hahaa. She said that she finished her prayer and said "amen" and I didn't move. She was feeling kind of bad like maybe her prayer wasn't good enough or something, but then realized I was sleeping. She said she tried to wake me up but I didn't move haha. My knees were sore the next day. Good times. Another funny thing happened when we went to visit hermano Luis Alfredo, he's my favorite. He doesn't have his knees or teeth and I LOVE teasing him because hes super serious. haha. He loves us. (we built his house for him with the zone) but we entered his house and it smelt SO bad. We both couldn't believe it. When we left we couldn't stop coughing haha it was so bad. So we went back a few days later to visit him and he said "hermanas! why didn't you tell me my house smelt so bad the other day?" I guess it had smelled bad for a couple of days and he couldn't figure out he was searching around his house and found his cat, dead under his bed. It was probably the funniest thing that's happened. He said his cat had choked on a bone and died....I couldnt stop laughing. Maybe my sense of humor has changed but it was a good laugh. 
Anyways, Peru is still crazy. My comp says i'm getting crazier every change. I think its probably true. I love you all so much! Prepare yourselves for general conference this week! It's going to be AMAZING!!!! talk to you soon!!!

 I cut an elders turned out SO bad haha...funniest thing ever.

 yummmm cuyi

 With my pensionista family. I LOVE THEM.

Just playing on the zone leader would not get out of my pictures.....

Monday, September 21, 2015

I love the mission....

I'm in an internet in Ilo. We drove here this morning because we are going to play futbol against the zone here. They played "daft punk" in the bus the whole way was amazing.... I can't send pictures because this computer is really old. I'm sorry mom....BUT man this week was great!
After the dog bite, the stomach infection and the sun burn I was ready for a new weeek haha. You know I feel like when you are going through trials, there are big blessings waiting for you. You just have to push through the hard times to get to them! Me and my comp have been EXHAUSTED this week. The sun in Moquegua is getting hotter and hotter everyday. I'm pratically a latina now haha, but we worked so hard this week and we saw SO many miracles. We taught the most lessons I have had while i've been here in Moquegua and found 5 new golden investigators. But its not because of us, its becuase my Heavenly Father loves me and is watching over me and blessing me every single day. 
On tuesday night one of the members was accompaning (whaatt idk how to spell that) us and we were laughing at the end of the night at how blessed we were. We recieved so many references that night I thought it was a joke. WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! The point is, when you face trials in your life....big or small, fight. Push through them, because God is just waiting to bless you BIG time and its so worth it!!! I LOVE THE MISSION. I love all the dogs with rabbies in the streets waiting to bite you, and the thousands of mosquitos waiting to ruin your legs, and the water that looks like white soup. I LOVE IT ALL. haha. Really Peru is amazing. (i still love the US with all my heart) but I love my brothers and sisters here. 
Want to know what else I the spirit. I feel invincible when I have the spirit. I feel on top of the world. It's probably the best thing ever when you are in a lesson and the spirit is so so strong and ya, it's the best thing ever. I invite you all to invite more of the spirit in your life. Because when you have the spirit and you can RECOGNIZE that you have the spirit it's the best. He's like my best friend and can be your best friend too. He's just waiting for you to invite him more into your lives! So that's my challenge for you guys this week, to not only invite more of the spirit into your lives, but recognize it and put your confidence in him!!
Last thing I will that Peruvian hospitals are the most ghetto part of Peru. haha my comp was in a lot of pain yesterday (i think) and so we ended up going to the emergency room and being there for 8 whole hours of our precious sunday. I have some pretty funny videos to share with you guys after the mission. There is nothing more ghetto then the Peru hospitals haha. It was a great time for me. Don't worry my comp is fine. We waited 8 hours to hear that everything was perfectly fine :) 

This is a poem/quote Kinzie shared with me today that I wanted to post because it's soooo good!!

Gods eyes
to friends and peers you dont feel like enough,
and trials you are going through are making life tough,
you struggle to look at yourself in the mirror,
and your pathway through life isnt getting much clearer.
the only way you can get through this strife, and finally find peace and joy in you rlife. 
is forget all the trials that youre going through. and look at yourself the way that God looks at you.
He knows your potential and worth of your soul, and to have you return is his only goal.
But to accomplish this goal, you must see that youre worth much more than all of the money on earth.
When you can finally look in the mirror and say, "im so happy with who I am today". Satan has no control, no matter how hard he tries. When you look at yourself as if through Gods eyes.

 Moquegua is super HOT!! 
 Sister Alvarez, Kinzie's companion.


Monday, September 7, 2015


We woke up at 5:30 to play Futbol today, I love being in Moquegua because are zone is crazy united. It was cool. I also got my hair chopped off by a gay peruvian before internet. My hair is going to need some serious help when I get home. It's sad. But anyways....
This week was great. I decided to just be crazy happy about everything. I was overly happy this week. I think my comp got sick of it. I woke up at six to go running, and i was just happy about it. Julio told us he doesnt want to get baptized and I was just happy about it because maybe its not his time. We can only just keep praying for him. So the point is, just be happy. I bore my testimony yesterday in church about this. Everyone was getting up and crying and sharing how sad their lives are and how many trials they have. So i got up and shared how happy we can be in times of trial. I shared the scripture James 1:2-3. It's really not that hard to be happy.
I had a momento this week when I thought about going home. When my time comes and how hard that will be. I may not be the best missionary this misión has ever had, I may not speak the best spanish, or have the most baptisms. But i LOVE the people. I love my brothers and sisters here in Peru. Its going to be so hard to leave. So i just have to enjoy the time that I do have. (im not trunky or anything i was just thinking about this haha).
Anyways, this week was great. We are finding new people to teach and enjoying the incredibly hot weather.
I love you all!!!!! talk to you soon.