Monday, December 28, 2015


These past two changes have flown by incredibly fast. I cannot believe that changes are already today. I have really enjoyed the time that I got to be with Hermana Menlove. I have so many memories that I will never forget! These times were the best. We recieved changes on Saturday night and im training....again. Im going to the mission home tonight and will pick up my companion tomorrow. I have no idea who it is yet! I have to say that when I first found out I was training I freaked out. I have known for awhile and so I talked to president about it and I have just been praying to know that this is really what I need to do right now, and it is, of course my Heavenly Father knows whats best for me and what I need to progress. Its just sometimes hard to accept the will of God. 
Its been hitting me pretty hard that I only have a short time left. It was so goood skyping you guys and seeing you on Christmas. It was a good reminder that you guys really do exist haha, I think I have pushed all of my emotions to the side and just have felt that you guys are part of my imagination but you all look great! Im going to give my all to these last three changes. I want to be a more dedicated, humble missionary. More like my Savior Jesus Christ! 
I also have been thinking a lot about goals this week, as the new year is coming. For me, this year 2016 is a huge year in my life. Full of really important desisions! I want to invite you all to reflect on this past year 2015 and see what you can do better at, spiritually, physically, mentally. How can you be a better daugter and son of God? Better husband, wife, friend...theres just alot to think about! and there is so many things we can do better! I love fresh starts and new beginings! This is going to be such a great year!
Thanks for your love and support

Ward Christmas party. Camilo was the first one there.

Christmas Eve....watching the fireworks at midnight.

Christmas in the Plaza.

Playing with Andy (our little brother).

Camilo standing on a chair to be taller than us, haha...funniest thing ever!

The family I love the most!

Hermana Menlove's going away party.

Luis...our convert together.

Monday, December 21, 2015


I don't have a ton to say this week! We had our mission christmas party this week, it was fun. We did the usual skits and dinner. Me and Menlove dresed up like panachays for our skit. It was pretty funny. 
Camilo, one of our investigators, is improving SO MUCH. i will see this guy enter the waters of baptisms before I leave Peru. It is his time! This week we had our first lesson with him that we could feel the spirit and he let us talk. It was AWESOME. I got the courage to even challange him to baptism which he rejected, but he said eventually he will get there. I have a lot of faith in him. He had promised us that he would go to church on Sunday. So we left church to go get him in a taxi and he wasn't home. His daugter said that he could possibly be in the catholic church down the street so we made the taxi driver go there and we looked for him. No luck. On our way back we saw this old man walking down the street. First you have to understand Camilo. Hes this TINY peruvian man with only half of his hair. He's holding on hard to the hair on the back of his head. Its hilarious. Well it was Camilo and he was totally trying to escape from us. haha. I wish I could say that at the end of this he went to church with us but he is VERY stubborn. Next week:)
Anyways, LIfe is good. I hope you all enjoy this Christmas week! They don't put up christmas lights in the area im in (i live in a red zone haha) because they would just get stolen. BUT im stoked for christmas,its "lo maximo".
love you all so much! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dogs, dogs, dogs..........

Decembre is flying so fast, I cant even believe it! Yesterday we went to Chivay at 3 in the morning, so I am writing real fast today. This week was super great! last Tuesday we went down to Mollendo for our zone conference, we stayed down there and did trios with our girls. Its like the closest thing to california here....right on the ocean. It was really fun. I was with hermana Escobar and Vasquez. Vasquez is just starting her misison...its always fun to be around new missionaries because they just have a whole different drive for the work. It made me come back and have the desire to work so much harder in my own area. I always learn a lot in divisions.
On Thursday we invited anyone and everyone to the chapel to watch a christmas movie and eat panaton (groooossss but they love it). A lot of people came. Hermana menlove and I were so happy we were running around like crazy and just smily happy haha. I love christmas time! 
I'll tell you guys a funny story because I dont have a lot to say. BUT i am getting sooo sick of the dogs here. They are a constant problem for us here haha. We have this cute investigator who has this GIANT dog that is always right outside of her door and is really mean. Its tried to come after us a number of times. Well, everyitme we go visit her we pray that there will be a way for us to get to her door and knock on it because we usually just end up standing on the other side of the street and yelling her name until she ocmes outside. Well God works in funny ways sometimes. The other day we were sitting outside yelling her name and this tiny Tiko (its the taxis here, they are very small cars) rolls up and the guy asks us if we are trying to get to the door. we said yes, and he literally drove over and up to her door which obvisouly made the dog go running and knocked on her door through his window and smiled and drove off. We were laughing so hard but amazed. I love little miracles like that in life!
This morning in District meeting our district leader shared something that I really loved....he was saying how it was his dads birthday this past week and he was really reflecting on his is whole life while living at home he never told his dad that he loved him. How the day that he left for the mission he remembers hugging his dad goodbye and it all just hitting him, how much he loved his dad and how much he had sacraficed for his family and how much he regretted never doing it before but it being too late. well it really touched me and I just hope that you guys all know how much I love and care for you even if I havent expressed it enough. But also that I dont want to get to the end of my mission and feel that way. I dont want to look back and think Its too late I should have done more. i just hope I can work my hardest and be the most dedicated while i still have time. 
Im so grateful to be here. I love you guys, Talk to you soon!

Sunset in Mollendo....closest thing to Cali here.

In trios in Mollendo with our girls.

Their Pensanista

Panachay's in Chivay

Old lady that we visit all the time. She is hilarious.

Chivayyyy.......trying on hats.

Monday, December 7, 2015

13 meses.........

This week I dont have a ton to say...It was a good week though! Last pday we ate at chilis...when we have nothing to do we resort to chilis haha. On wednesday and thursday we had leadership council at the mission home. I always love it, I always leave so inspiried wanting to work harder and better my area. Something that I really loved from council is what president shared with us. He said the the world is so rapidly changing...that its so inconsistant..unconsistant..idk...BUT that the church is the only thing that we have in our lives that is stable, that has order. I was really reflecting on grateful I am to be here. To have such a good base to be able to go back into the world stronger and ready to face more challanges that are going to come my way. I feel so much more spiritually prepared. I am so protected of the things of the world right now, its great. 
Thank you all for your love and support. Christmas season is the best time of year. I hope you can all feel Christs love and share it with others during this time:) Can you imagine what the world would be like without a savior? I want to invite you all to watch this video and reflect on that question a little. Love you all so much!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This week was great! (maybe not as good as Mexico, but ya know haha) just kidding, i'm probably just as tan as you guys so its fine :) 
Last pday we had a big Thanksgiving dinner as a zone at pres Rodriguez´s house. It was probably the best food i've had since i've been here. We ate a pollopavo, soo like chicken and turkey mixed together, idk how that works but it was goooood! We finally finished up our dental trip this week, thank heavens. it was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot of new medical terms in spanish haha. I for sure dont want to be a dentist though....peruvian teeth did it for me. 
On Thursday President invited us and the office elders over to the mission home for Thanksgiving dinner. It was just like home. We got there and Pres was in the kitchen making some stuffing and yummy food so we got to help. Some of his chidlren were visiting from the states so we got to know them and play with his grandkids. The elder and president watched the football game while we played cards. It was weird. i dont even know if thats alowed but that just shows how chill president is haha. It was alot of fun. The best part was the pumpkin pie. yummmmm !!!!
I wanted to share a cool experience that happened this week. We have been teaching an old man named Camilo, I think i told you guys about him, but he is the most hard hearted person i have ever met. SO hard to teach, but we´`are still going strong haha. Well on Saturday we decided to take a member with us, when we walked in Camilo literally slapped the member in the face. Funniest and most horrible thing ever. But we decided to go on with the lesson, which is always a battle, and when we were kneeling down to pray at the end, I was praying really hard that He would give me a sign that we needed to return. I was so sure that I was done but somethign keeps telling us to go back. Well when we walked out of the door the very first thing that I saw was the North star. But it looked different than I have ever seen it. It was huge and really bright and flickering. I couldnt stop staring at it. It was such an immediate and cool answer to my prayers. Keep camilo in your prayers.:)
This week I have been studying a little bit about the Saviors birth, I LOVE the feeling Christmas brings. Idk if you guys have seen the new video that came out but i will put the link in. I encourage you all to watch it. 
Hope you guys have a great week! talk to you soon.
Hermana Holt
Thanksgiving dinner at the mission home.

One of the dentists that came.