Monday, February 23, 2015

Humility..... was crazy. We woke up at 2 to leave for Colca, which was INSANELY beautiful. I encourage you to look up pictures. We didnt get to see the Condores take flight but I was fine with it. My whole zone squished in a tiny bus made for little peruvian people so that was comfortable, and headed for the freezing cold. It was quite the day. half our zone ended up getting sick and throwing up but it was a good day. I had to wear a beanie for most of the day so they didnt know I was american. haha apparently there is like a tribe or something here of fair skinned people with blond hair that speak ketchua (dont know how to spell that) so im guessing thats what they thought i was. It was beautiful but I never wish to get sent to that area haha. But When I get to see new beautiful places like this it just reassures me of how much our Heavenly Father loves us. 
anyways, this week was so great and so full of adventures. I got my first hair cut in the mission and I was freaking out but it ended well haha also hermana Andia and I got manicures last pday because it was her birthday this week and its super cheap here. so besides my acne I was feelin pretty fresh haha. On Wednesdays our zone contacts in different areas in our zone. So this week we headed to Horacio. I dont even understand how people live there. It was the poorest part of Peru I have seen yet. A humbling experience. I had made Hermana Andia a "Happy birthday" hat earlier that day and she had in her hand while we were contacting (thank goodness) because there is an insane amount of dogs in this area. So after about an hour of contacting we went to knock on one last door and this big dog came up to us with like five other little dogs. Its really normal here. So this dog was really calm at first and was just standing by us then it started to growl and proceeded to attack us haha it tore up the hat I had made for Hermana Andia into pieces. So my first instict was to pick up rocks and start throwing it at the dog haha after that it backed off and we were able to get away with only a few things tore up haha. it was quite and adventure and I now have a fear of all dogs. But dont worry. Another crazy thing here is how many drunk people there are at all hours of the day. But thats not even the crazy part haha they all speak perfect english. Its the weirdest thing haha. Peru is an adventure!!
Its getting difficult for me to speak english but my spanish still sucks super bad so right now i feel like i dont have a language haha its a blessing but its horrible. I tried talking to an American today in Colca and it ended up being horrible spanglish. This is what I get for being the only American in my district haha. I cant wait for my spanish to be fluent. the day will come!! :) 
I am learning more and more every week about humility. Sometimes God makes you feel weak. there are times in your life when you are going to feel helpless. But through this we get the chance to really challange our Faith and really strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. through our weaknesses we can become so much stronger. I SO know this to be true. A quote that kept coming to my mind this week that is in our house is "I never said it was going to be easy. I only said it will  be worth it" I know its all worth it. so worth it. 
A scripture that I loved this week was Alma 26:12 Yea, I know that I am nothing ; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things ; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever. 

"In the depth of winter we find within us an invincible summer"
"For the love of the son of God pierces all darkness, softens all sorrow, and gladens every heart"

I know that we are all going to go through hard times and have challanges in our lives but I encourage you to put your trust in our Heavenly Father. I promise He will carry you through. Every time.
I love you all SO MUCH. talk to you next week!

 Hermana Andia's Birthday


 Colca canyon

Monday, February 16, 2015


Another week of rain, rice and....idk what else. This week flew by so fast. Its weird because my days are super duper long but the weeks go by fast. Alot happened this week. Last pday was freezing and raining so hermana Andia chilled in our room...pretty exciting. Our ceiling is starting to give away to the rain sooo thats been fun haha I worry to much about it. Anyways, this week we had interviews with our president. I love that man. I feel so blessed to have Presidente and Hermana Zobrist! The whole interview was in spanish so I hope I impressed him with my spanish. Its really easy for me to understand "gringo spanish" haha. On wednesday we had divisones (i legit dont know what they are called in english) but its where I have a different companion for 24 hours. So i was incharge of puerta verde for a day and i loved it. I was super nervous at first because all of the lessons for that day were in my hands but it went super good! I was with hermana Rivera from Chile and we got along great. She knows how to work hard and it gave me the motivation to work harder and be better. During divisiones I had a super cool experience. We had a lesson with Isabel and Ronaldo but when we got to Isabels house she was in tears because she couldnt find Ronaldo and his cell phone was off. So for an hour we were searching for Ronaldo at every internet garage haha because thats where he always is. But during all this I had the strongest feeling we needed to pray but I was kind of putting it off because honestly Isabel scares me a little haha But finally I got the guts to speak up and literally two minutes after we ended our prayer Ronaldo called us. It was so cool. It strengthened my testimony so much and I know Isabels as well. In another lesson this week with Amanda (shes like 85) shes kind of a little alot crazy and so half way through the lesson (about the 10 commandments) she asked us if we wanted some Chicha which is the most disgusting drink ever. I hate it so much but people drink it here like water so we couldnt say no so she poured us both a tall glass of Chicha. So me thinking im being smart took the biggest gulp ever so I could get it over with faster and right before I did this I thought I could smell alcohol which was super weird...well it ended up being a "different" kind of Chicha which had a frickin ton of alcohol in it ....yeah...I drank alcohol on my mission. Hermana Andia and I were freaking out. So while she was getting her Bible we hid the rest behind her couch, so awful. I guess it happens a lot here because it wasnt the first time its happened to Hermana Andia! Pretty funny. Yesterday was a holiday here called Carnival. It's basically just a giant party and people trash each other with water balloons and paint and foam. I dont get it at all but hermana Andia and I got trashed pretty bad in the street. I was super mad because we had a lot to get done yesterday and no time to shower again we had foam and eggs all up in our hair haha but yeah. anyways, this week was great! I love you all so much!
xoxo HH 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So we were suppose to leave for Culca this morning at 2 so me and Andia were sleeping at a members home that lives around the chapel because our house is so far away and its dangerous to take taxi´s at that hour. so here i am asleep on a couch that is made for a small child and our zone leaders called and said the bus that we were going to take broke down so they were searching for a new bus...then at like one they decided we werent going. so we called a taxi and headed back to our yeah were not going anymore hah. Anyways...
This week was good. its been raining for like two weeks straight and yesterday was FREEZING. I decided i dont deal with the cold well hah i hate it. our card board ceiling is by some miracle holding up. our shower on the other hand....cold showers are never fun and i dont think im ever going to get used to them haha I have to give myself a pep talk every morning before i get in but oh well. I feel like I dont have alot to tell about this week. last p day hermana andia and i went on a little adventure (ill send pics) so that was fun. we went to this old church thing in the middle of arequipa (i think) that you could climb to the top and over look all of arequipa. then we took this ghetto tiny bus through the back roads (on accident) and ended up in the plaza de armas were i bought the coolest llama ring ever (you know i was in love) and this llama fur jacket thing that everyone thinks is hidious but i love it. so that was a pretty exciting pday. Eating with the members is going good....People are so serious about food here. you could have a two hour long conversation with anyone here about food. One thing I can not handle though is la mazamorra. People have it like with every meal. I dont even know how to get it down haha its horrible. 
One thing that ive been thinking alot about this week is the fact that we are all brothers and sisters (obvisouly i know) but its sometimes really crazy to think about. when you are teaching someone who wants nothing to do with you and the gospel and your just thinking like hey you believed in this at one point in your life or you wouldn't be here. or that you could have known them before this life. its weird to think that you could have pormised people before that you would find them here. You just want everyone to accept this gospel so bad because you know the blessings that come from it. Especially when i think about my family and the people i love. You sometimes just want things so bad for people but after you do all you can its really up to them...during a lesson this week we were reading in Revelation and we came accross 21:4 and me and my companion were in instant tears. idk why it hit me so hard and i feel like im just babbling a little in this letter but its been on my mind constantly this week. I feel so blessed to have the family i do and live in the circumstances i do. Anyways..I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all so much!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Push through the hard times......

Bueno...this week was so fast. faster than the last. Last pday was horrible haha Hermana Andia didnt have any money. Like literally 15 cents and so we couldnt do anything and we couldnt even take the bus back home so we had to walk. So we just chilled in our cuarto. Pretty exciting. This whole week actually we walked everywhere because money. But thankfully its a new month so yeah were good now haha. We met our new zone this week. Theres only one other americano so yeah I didnt speak enligsh once this entire week. Its a blessing i think? It rained the entire week. Hermana Andia thought my Hunter boots were hilarious and laughed at them for a solid five minutes but once we were outside and it was pouring she wasnt laughing anymore. I was very grateful for them because Arequipa literally flooded yesterday. The streets were rivers and there were cars stuck everywhere haha. Last night after our final appointment I was walking in the street (because there were no buses due to the rain) with my boots and water up to my knees with my umbrella and a homeade empanada. haha I was pretty happy. When we got home our room was flooded and im pretty sure our ceiling is going to cave in because there is a giant puddle right above my bed. But whatever. Luckily my companion loves pringles and so we have a bunch of empty pringle cans around our room catching the water! Its an adventure! This week was the baptism of Isabel. We didnt think it was going to happen because on Wednesday we did a fake interview with her to prepare her for her actual interview which led us to find out some stuff about her. (question number four if you know what i mean) but in verdad it was a really spiritual interview. I could tell that she really wanted to take care of things and really had the desire to change. She just didnt know if God could really forgive her for what she had done. BUT after three more interviews she was cleared to be baptized on saturday. It was awesome. You hear people say all the time that people glow after they are baptized. But en verdad she was really glowing. i cant even tell you the change i have seen in her. Her son, Ronoldo, shared his testimony at her baptism and it was awesome. He was the first convert in their family (13 years old) and in his testimony he said that he hopes his sister will be baptized someday. (were working on her, shes very stubborn) but im just so happy for them. It was an awesome week! there is ups and downs to every week but you just have to push through the hard times....there is a quote that i really loved from a talk i read last week "Fighting through darkness, and despair and pleading for the light is what opened this dispensation. it is what keeps it going, and it is what will keep you going."  I really liked that.
Anyways, i think thats all! Thank you everyone for your love and support! Have a good week! 
xoxo HH 

 Isabel's baptism day! 

We had to rearrange our room to I didn't get dripped on all night from the leak in our ceiling.