Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving.......

This week was crazyyyy. It went by way too fast. Its def getting hotter here. I am getting a little too tan so I've been blocking up because im not about that skin cancer...
So last pday we went exploring and found these cool bracletes and a whole bunch of other stuff that I want to buy. Peru has such cool things. On tuesday we went and picked up the new missionaries. They came in late so we sat at the airport and ate some cookies with pres and his wife. Fun day. Wednesday we did the usual office thing and went out to lunch with president and hermana zobrist. They're like our parents, I love them to death. On Thursday we went to the family history center with Juana, who is one of our rescues. We are REALLY pushing family history in the mission and we had a really cool experience with her. She was able to find 7 of her ansestors and send their names to the temple. you should have seen how excited she was. I cannot even begin to explain the change we have seen in her since ive been here. When we got here she was having a ton of problems in her marriage, she was always yelling at her kids and you just didn't feel the spirit in her home. Now when we go over there she just lights up and you can just feel the difference in her home. She is AMAZING. I love it!! 
Yesterday all of the dentist from the states got here, so we've been running around like crazy trying to please and help them. Its been fun but a crazy week. haha. 
Nicole and Karoline both recieved their answers this week and want to get baptized. They are going to take a lot of work though. You learn A LOT of patience in the mission haha. We also had thee most craziest lesson this week with one investigator named CAmilo. We felt like we were fighting with the devil for two hours. When we finally got out of the lesson we were exhausted haha. He's probably the most stubborn investigator we have ever had. We both walked out of the lesson soo confused. We are deciding whether or not to leave him. 
Well, the mission is great! I'm just super happy to be here! talk to you next week.
Temple site

Diggin up family names...
New Family History Center

I don't know.....

painting a house...we did such a bad job he told us to never come back....hahaha oops. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Can you believe its already changes...we didn't have them obviously but i can't believe how fast this change flew by. I only have 4 left....lame.
This week was great, like always! We did an activity of Karaoke this week with our ward. It turned out really bad, but it was worth the effort haha. We got the opportunity to talk in church yesterday. I talked about the temple that is going to be built here in Arequipa. They haven't even started yet and arent planning to anytime soon. They told us missionaries that it is going to take a miracle to build the temple here. It sort of broke my heart. The members just aren't showing that they want it. I really talked about the importance of paying tithing and being a dedicated member. Almost no one pays tithing here. Its such a blessing to have the opportunity to pay tithing and recieve such big blessings. They are missing out. We have big plans to help our ward. 
On Friday we had a cool experience contacting. We almost NEVER door knock because it just doesn't work and is usually a waste of time. But on Friday we had an hour of NOTHIng. We couldn't think of anything to do. So we said a prayer and started knocking. I felt impressed to knock on one house we saw so, the first door we knocked on a young lady answered. She looked really stressed and was a mess. We started talking to her, telling her who we were and she started to really open up to us telling us that her daughter has cancer and has been in the hospital for 6 months. She said she is just ready to give up and wishes He would just take her daughter. We started to teach about the plan of salvation. How families can be together Forever. The spirit was really strong and we were able to get another appointment. It was a really neat experiene for us both. Its amazing the people God puts in your path. The people he leads you to if you listen to the spirit!
Another cool thing that happened this week...remember Julio in Moquegua. Who I worked SO hard for and we all prayed for him...well he got baptized last week. My old comp called and told me! i was so happy for him. She said he all of a sudden just had a big change of heart. It just goes to show you that sometimes you don't see the results of your hard work until later. But that He always answers our prayers. just sometimes a little later in His time.
cooooool stuff. 
anyways, dont have too much to say! LOVE you all!!! 
talk to you next week.

The view from the mission office.

The house where we go to wash clothes. This little boy was trying to hide from us.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Why I came on a Mission.....

Well this week was great and super fast! 
Last pday we didnt do anything too exciting. we ate at chilis. so thats kind of exciting i guess haha. This week was leadership council in the mission home. A lot of listening and talking and french toast. Its the best haha...every conference I just realize that president is getting crazier and crazier but i love him!
This week i had a really cool experience. On thursday night we did an activity for all of the future missionaries in our ward, just to get them exctied and thinking. Well i was praying and trying to figure out what I could share with them. And when I got there i still didnt know. But when I got up to talk I thought to share my reason for coming on the mission. Honestly, I didnt know why i exactly came on the mission. i just knew i wanted to..I remember having my first interview with president and him asking me the same question. And i remember saying...well i never wanted to come on a mission...well on Thursday I realized why i came. I remember my senior year of high school, I was going through a lot of changes. I needed a change of heart. And I remember the first time that I felt the atonement in my life. The first time I felt the love of Christ and my Heavenly Father and just remember how good i felt. That is exactly why I came on the mission. To help people feel exactly the way that i felt. To feel that love. To me, the change I had my senior year of high school was the biggest change in my life. It changed the course of my life, and my decisions and its something we can all feel. We can all apply the atonement in our lives every single day. That love he has for us is free. 
It was really such a cool experience for me that night, to realize what sparked in me to come on a mission.
Anyways, I dont have much to share with you guys this week. Im happy, the mission is great and I love you all. Talk to you guys sooN! 
"we do not suddenly become what we do not participate in becoming."

Monday, November 2, 2015

One year.....what i've learned.

Can you believe i've been in crazy Peru for a whole year now? Me either...haha so fast the time! This week was really great! We are working hard and getting better every week. I love this work! This week was busy like always so I have lots of good stuff to tell you guys. 
Last p-day we carved pumpkins, the elders searched for hours to find pumpkins, haha it was a lot of fun! On Wednesday we went to the office to work and the elders all left us and went to lunch, so we thought it would be a good idea to pull a prank on we took all of their chairs and saran wrapped them together and left for lunch. Well, when we got back they had locked us out of all of the rooms and locked all of our stuff in the display cases with price tags on them and we had to pay to get them was pretty funny. I'll send pictures haha. You have to keep the mission fun or you go crazy. 
On thursday I went to Mollendo for divisions. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It looks a little like Hawaii. All green and right on the ocean. I was with hermana Moon, she has 4 weeks in the mission, so it was so much fun to be with her and talk and help her out. Shes adorable. I love helping the girls out in their areas! 
Halloween was nothing special, no one wanted to talk to us that day so we walked around for hours. We made some funny videos scaring people though. But the elders did get us wayyyy to good. There is a pair of elders that live on the same street as us and some how they got into our room (we still dont know how) and hung this giant mannequin from our ceiling. So when we got back to our room at 9:30 we walked in and just started sreaming. Menlove was behind me swearing and I was legit peeing my pants. We didn't want to go back into our room for the rest of the night haha. Sneakkkyyy elders. We´ve also started a series of the walking dead here in Peru. It's hilarious. On Sundays there is an incredible amount of drunk people in the streets and they all look like straight zombies. So we decided to start our own walking dead series haha. I'll send pics some time. 
Anyways, I was reflecting alot on the past year here in Perú. What an INCREDIBLE year. The best year of my life! I just wanted to share somethings that Ive learned in my year here in Perú:
  •  Always leave a little Chicha in your cup so they think youre sitll working on it and dont refill it. 
  • Just clapping at the dogs in the street doesn't scare them away, you better keep some rocks in your pocket.
  • If you think you are safe from the dogs on the roof, your wrong! They have no fear of heights.
  • When you get sent to a new area, you know you're getting the top bunk and the broken drawers.
  • If you have an appointment at 2 you should probably leave at 2:30 to get there on time. 
  • Try to keep it down to two breads a day, the carbs add up real fast.
  • If you get in a taxi and are scared for your life, its probably because he's been drinking or he doesnt even have a license. 
  • Always keep emergency toilet paper in your backpack and a good supply in your bathroom. You never know when the chicken and rice is going to hit you wrong. 
  • Be nice to people, but not too nice. They open up real fast and youll hear things only the bishop should...
Me and menlove were laughing pretty hard when we thought about these haha. If you guys only knew...but ive also learned alot of spiritual things too...
  • I've learned to spend time on my knees. To really put my trust in my Heavenly father and have learned to feel of his love and his strength.
  • I've learned that the book of Mormon has answers to ALL of your questions. 
  • I've learned that my Savior not only suffered for my sins, but for my sadnesses too. 
  • I've learned that I'm very weak, but with the power of the atonement everything is possible. 
  • I've learned to forget myself and to love other people no matter the big differences we might have. Whether it be culture, language, beliefs....
  • I've learned to be fearless. Never doubting the power of my own testimony.
  • Most of all i've learned of the undenying love my Heavenly father has for me.
I love the mission. I can't believe how much I have learned in one year. I can't wait to see what more is to come!
I love you all. Talk to you sooN!

Halloween with the Elders.

Pranks at the mission office, HAHA

The Elders got us back!!

Work at the mission office.

Happy Missionaries


Hermana Moon