Monday, July 27, 2015

So Happy....

This week went by super fast. Last p-day we played soccer for like five hours as a zone. I didn't know we were going to play soccer so I had sandals on and my feet got stepped on a bunch of times and later that night we were in a family night and when we got back to our room i couldnt get my shoe off because my foot was super swollen. ya, i cried. haha it was the most painful thing of my life and i saw my whole mission flash before my eyes. Like how the heck am i suppose to walk up hills with this foot? haha i thought my foot was broken for sure and Im not even being a dramatic sister missionary. So i said a prayer and put like seven socks on and went to bed and when i woke up it was still all blue and stuff but i could walk and i was super happy. On Thursday we went to Ilo for a zone conference with our president. It was the first time my comp got to see the ocean. She was in awe. The conference was super good. We talked about family history and obedience. I had to give a five minute talk on obedience. It was cool. I have no time to write this letter im sorry. But i love traveling with my zone. They're all like my brothers and sisters. It's always a good time. I still make a fool of myself on a daily basis and it's just like my brothers back at home because the elders make fun of me all the time. haha I havent changed. In one lesson this week my dress got tucked into my garment some how and i walked to my next lesson with my garments just chillin. Don't even worry about it haha. 
I loved this week because I finally realized something. Something that I've known for a long time but really put in practice this week and that is the importance of listening to people. I learned so much about the people we are teaching this week and honestly truly enjoyed listening to them. I always stress so much for our numbers every week and those are super important but this week i focused on the poeple we are teaching more. I learned that Julio is like a guitar legend in Peru and plays crazy good. Stuff like that haha. It was such a great week. I feel myself growing SO MUCH and I love it. I love when i have times like that in the mission. When i can feel myself progressing. I can also see my comp progressing so much. Just in her prayers. 
Me and my comp started running at 6 in the morning. Since we have a variety of hills to choose from in our area and we both have been dead this entire week but SO HAPPY. haha. That's the best way to explain the mission. You are SO tired all the time but SO happy. I LOVE IT! I love it here. I love the people here. I wish i had more time to write this but i don't. I hope this all makes sense. I love you all so much and am so grateful for the support that I have. THANK YOU!!!
talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New companion.....

yaaa this week went by super fast. Last Monday I went to Arequipa and stayed in the mission home. it was super fun. we had dinner with president and then talked a little and then we all just chilled in the kitchen and ate his cereal and talked. I couldnt sleep that night because I was so nervous haha me and hermana Anderson stayed up talking until like 2 in the morning. shes in my old area in Arequipa. The next day we all made french toast and chilled until the new missionaries came. I had heard that there was one missionary from Bolivia so I automatically knew it was my comp haha and guess what it was. Shes my third comp from Bolivia. Her names Hermana Alvarez and she's super sweet. She's here to work and shes awesome. We had such a great week together. She's a convert of one year so shes still learning a lot, but shes great. On tuesday I woke up with the worst cold ever and have had it ever since. My ears are so plugged i've been reading lips all week haha. Tuesday on our way back to Moquegua our bus broke down so we got here at like midnight. 
This week we found 2 new investigators and have two more baptisms. We're having a "noche blancha" (white night) this week because we have more than 5 baptisms saturday. our whole zone will be dressed in white. I'm super stoked. It's going to be beautiful! 
We are going to see miracles this change in Moquegua I can feel it. Our goal is 7 baptisms. We are going to work hard this change and be obedient and we are going to see miracles. 
 23 For behold, am God; and am God of miraclesandwill show unto the world that am the same yesterday,today, and forever; and work not among the children ofmen save it be according to their faith.

I love you all! have a great week!!! 

"Just as we do not desire food until we are hungy, we will not fully desire eternal salvation until we recognize our need for the savior." 
(I read this this week and loved it.) 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Well first off...big news....peanut butter m&ms are now available in Moquegua. haha someone literally told me that yesterday in church. pretty exciting sutff. But other than that we have changes today. and yess.....IM TRAINING. im actually pretty scared haha. my comp has changes to Tacna (my dream) shes a new hermana leader in the mission and shes perfect for it. I have LOVED this change with her. i learned so much from her and she will be amazing in Tacna. I am leaving for Arequipa after internet. We have a training tonight and then we all sleep in the mission home then tomorrow i will meet my new comp. yaayyyyy. im super nervous. 
On Saturday night we had a bonfire as a zone in an abadoned jail (creepy) and roasted marshmallows and listened to cambios. it was super fun. I love Moquegua.
BUT this week was great! We found 4 new investigators that are 100% an answer to my prayers. Julio just moved here. He has a daughter thats four and hes AMAZING. The first lesson that we had with him we could feel the spirit so strong and were able to put a baptismal date with him the first lesson. He will be such a blessing in the church because hes super great. he has such a desire to learn and change. another person we found this week is Jaime. He came up to us in the street and started talking to us, my comp thinks its hilarious because I thought he was a member because he knew alot about the church but when he said he wasnt a member my comp said that my eyes lite up haha. i was stoked. also, Gina. shes been listening to the missionaries on and off for 11 years but would never commit to  date or attend church. she has a date and attended church with us yesterday. shes awesome. anyways, the point is that I know that God is listening to me. hes answering my prayers. hes putting people in my path. I feel like Moquegua is where i am suppose to be. I havent felt like this all of my mission but I feel like I have a purpose here. that the people here are my brothers and sisters and I need to help them. I really have such a deep love for this place. its the promise land for me haha. 
This weekw as great. This change was great. I LOVE MY LIFE. I'm so excited for this next change and this next challange. Thank you all for the love and support. I love you all! 
Something hilarious that happened this week....we were studying language and my comp looked me straight in the eyes and said "your life is a mess, you is a jack***" I died. I do not know where she learned that. and the sadest part is she doesnt even know what it means haha. the mission is the best. I love latinos so much. haha. anyways ya. talk to you all next week!!!!
xoxoxoxo HH 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


This space bar has desafios so I will probably write a short letter because it basically takes all my strength to use the space bar haha. So ya this week was great. Last pday we went to ilo and played futbol and ate lunch on the beach. Twas bacam. (i learned that word this week haha they use it up north, means cool) We had like a huge wind storm the other night and my window broke haha. It was REALLY hot wind and then the next day was freezing. So we are all just waiting for an earthquake. But i am enjoying the colder weather. 
THe mission is SO HARD and sometimes i just want to sit in my room and cry haha but we don't have time for that. I am so confused as to why i'm fat because we walk up and down huge dirt hills all day. But its cool. hah We were suppose to have a baptsim this week BUT our investigator (jose) went crayyy. He told us that he is organizing his own church called "la iglesia de misioneras moquegua" we are pretty sure he is using our folletos and book of mormon to preach. APOSTASÍA haha. He even got up in church yesterday and announced it to everyone. I wanted to die.
But other than that my week was great. Something i love/hate about the mission is that everyone you come in contact with here is going through something and well we have this wonderful message that we know can change their lives, but alot of people just don't want to accept it. You don't even have time to worry about your own problems because you are so worried about everyone else. Sometimes it's overwhelming but so cool that we get to help people with our message and I can testify that it does change lives. I've seen it change people. 
The mission really is the best. Moquegua is the best. I watched my first chicken fight here. It was whack. They train their chickens to be fighters (idk how) and then they tape knives to their legs and they fight to the death. They all bet money and get really into it. I think the people in Moquegua don't know what to do with their time haha. 
I am now in charge of leading the music in sacrament meeting and its horrible. I have no idea what i am doing and everyone just stares at me haha, i think my bishop did it just to laugh at me haha. I also got up to say a prayer yesterday in church and started my prayer with "nuestra mensaje" instead of "nuestro padre" dont even worry im just still a white girl trying to make it in peru haha. BUT i love it. and i love you all so much. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!
i am so done with this spacebar.