Monday, August 31, 2015


We had changes this week. Of course i'm still here training. A lot happened this week that I am excited to share! Last pday we made tacos as a zone and watched a movie. That is all we ever do because there is nothing in Moquegua. I couldn't even eat the tacos, so it was sad haha. It has been incredibly hot here this week, my hair is a whole shade blonder from the sun, for reals. It's a blessing but its hot haha. 
On friday the whole entire mission went to Arequipa to hear the presiding bishop (bishop stevenson) it was a really cool experience. We had to travel 10 hours in one day but it was worth it! It's amazing having these opportunities to hear these amazing men. I couldn't believe how small our mission is. There is not alot of us haha. He talked about 2 nephi 2. It was really interesting. We talked about how obedience brings blessings and blessings bring happiness. We all know this. But why is it so hard for us to do it? Satan wants us to think that disobedience brings happiness, sleeping in brings us happiness, listening to music brings us happiness? no, but thats what satan wants us to think. We know that with more obedience brings more blessings and more blessing bring more happiness. As missionaries we have more rules than ever, which means we have more of a chance to be more obedient and more of a chance to have more blessings and be more happy! I loved that. We even have the chance to be the happiest people in the world haha. There was a lot of things that he shared that i loved. 
On saturday night our stake had a dance off with a bunch of different types of dances from Peru. It was really beautiful. i LOVE watching the dances here and being imersed in their culture. It's amazing. 
We havent had a baptism in our ward here for a while and this week we put a date with Julio, an investigator that we have been teaching for a while. So I want to ask you all to pray for him that he can get baptized. He's super prepared but just a little scared so just keep him in your prayers:) 
I'll share a quick funny story that happened this week. We were walking to our pensionistas house the other morning for breakfast, on her street there are ALOT of bars. There not even really Bars just houses where people go to drink and they don't just get drunk they get completely wasted. It's really ugly. Peruanos like to drink, a lot. So there was this really drunk huge peruvian women in the street and she started to follow us to the house and was saying some really ugly stuff but we were just ignoring her because it happens all the time. So we knocked on the door of our pension and were just waiting for her to open it but she was taking along time and the fat women was just getting even more angry with us. So right when my pensionista opened her door the fat peruvian women punched me straight in the back of my head, so we all ran into the house and started laughing our heads off, it all happened so fast. Good memories haha. 
Also, my comp has this really strange accent that i couldn't understand for like a week, she doesnt say her S's. its super weird but i've picked up on her accent and now poeple make fun of my spanish....haha its weird how many different accents there are in spanish. 
Anways, I wanted to close with this scripture that I loved this week. Thanks for everything LOVE YOU ALL!!!

D&C 78: 17-18

  • Doctrine and Covenants
17Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye are little children, and ye have not as yet understood how great blessings the Father hath in his own hands and prepared for you; 
18And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer , for I will lead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours, and the riches of eternity are yours. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 41

This week was SUPER COOL because we got to listen to a 70's talk and it was maybe the coolest day of my life. I am forever changed. Elder Uceda came and talked to us and it was all just so spiritual and cool. First his wife talked and just burned us for like an hour and made us all feel horrible and then Elder Uceda talked and the light came back into the room and we were all just in awe. haha. I learned SO MUCH. Im not even joking when he talked you just knew it was directly from God, it was So powerful. He told us over and over again to KILL OUR FEARS. To get rid of them all. I loved that. He also talked about the voice of the spirit. If we truly know the voice of the spirit like the voice of our own mom. It was cool. I wrote all about it dont worry. We also went to Tacna for the meeting so I got to know Tacna. It's super close to Chile and a heck of  a lot bigger than Moquegua but i was happy to come back to Moquegua. I got to see hermana Bustillos. I love her to death. 
For my birthday my pensionista made me a cake and my favorite food. It was super cute and then we had a bunch of lessons that day. So i was super happy with how the day ended. 
I'm sorry I have nothing to say this week. Only that I love each and everyone of you. THANK YOU for all you all do for me.
have a great week

 Mi Fiesta

My comp...Hermana Alvarez

Monday, August 10, 2015

Thank you....

Heyyy everyone. THANK YOU for the birthday wishes. i feel super loved! i made sure to make ALOT of lessons tomorrow so that we didnt have time to celebrate my birthday haha. im in denial. 
But anyways, this week was GREAT!! I had so many experiences this week that Im excited to share. First of all we had a record number of people in church yesterday (52) so I was way excited. We had 6 investigators attend church yesterday. The past 2 weeks I have been praying so hard to see miracles in our area and Ive been feeling like He hasn't been listeing to me. But yesterday I felt His love SO strong. sometimes it is so hard to be patient hah. 
I had a really cool experience on Friday. I have been kind of really beating myself up about alot of stuff. Everyone keeps telling me everything im doing wrong (so that I can grow) but about my acne about my weight my comp always has a lot to say and i know that all of it is only so i can grow and become better but its been kind of getting to me lately and on Friday I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. We were in a zone conference and my zone leader was talking about the atonement. But it wasn't a normal lesson about the atonement. Everyone of us could feel the spirit SO strong. After we got done we all just sat there in silence for about 20 minutes, enjoying the spirit that was there. None of us wanted to leave. I have been on my knees a lot the last couple of weeks and i just felt like this week a lot of my prayers were answered. I felt so strongly the love of my Heavenly Father and felt the spirit bare testimony to me of the power of the atonement. That Jesus Christ not only suffered for our sins, he suffered for our sadnesses. Our pains. He suffered for it all. EVERYTHING that we are going to go through, and everything that we are going to feel. I find SO MUCH strength in the atonement that I didn't ever understand before my mission. It's amazing when you can really understand the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us and that our savior Jesus Christ knows us better than we will ever know ourselves. 
Last night I met Lorena. She is a single mom and is going through SO much. I have never had a lesson like we did last night.. I have never loved someone that we are teaching so fast. I wanted to do everything I could to help her and comfort her. This is something that I love aout the mission. The ability that we have as missionaries to see people differently. To see them as our brothers and sisters and the strong desire we have to help them. I hope thats something that I never loose. 
I love how much I am growing. I love all that i am learning and the people i am meeting. 
Thank you for everything. I love you guys.
Hermana Holt 
(still 19) 

Monday, August 3, 2015


This week went by super fast. Last p-day we played soccer and games. Basically nothing. This morning we starting building a house for a member in our ward that doesn't have legs. I had no idea what we were doing. Building a house here is like building a fort in your back yard at home. But he was super happy so i was happy haha. A lot happened this week but it was so fast sometimes i can't remember everything we did. The pictures that I sent is a family that we are teaching that we had a family night with. They don't have hardly anything and she didnt want to have a family night at her house because she didnt have seats for us to sit on. When we showed up that night for the family night she had bought plastic seats for us to sit on and was so excited for them. It was adorable!! We played games and ate chocolate pudding that we made haha. 
Another experience we had this week is that we met an old man that couldn't remember how old he was so we had to help him remember how many years he had and then ended up teaching him after, it was great. 
So basically the whole town of Moquegua has been worried about my acne so a hermana in my ward took me to a natural doctor the other day because thats basically all they believe in here and he like put a weird spell on me and made me a weird mud mask. It is an experience i will never forget haha and my acne got a little better. It was weird. 
We changed pensions this week, it was sad but we had to for some stuff that was going on. Our new pension is with some elders here and im super excited because she cooks healthy and is super cute. 
I wish i had more time to write, but I love you all! Thanks for being so loving and supportive!!