Monday, March 14, 2016


Well....i have nothing too exciting to share with you guys this week....just another week! The weeks are going by incredibly fast its freaking me out! 
This week was kind of full of bad luck....I dropped my agenda in the street somewhere (has my whole life in it) and so we spent like 2 hours one day retracing our steps...we never found it...
We did a service on Saturday morning in Tiyabaya....we woke up at 7 and climbed to the top of a huge mountain where this guy wants to build his house...I have to give it to them. They work HARD for what they have...we spent like 6 hours breaking rocks and digging into the side of a mountain...i forgot a hat and sunscreen and got FRIED. it was super fun though! 
Niemela and I are becoming really great friends! We can talk and laugh for hours! i love it. I am making eternal friends here.....
Well....have a great week! Talk to you all soon...way soon with how fast time is going haha.


pics...playing with cuyi

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