Monday, April 11, 2016

A Representative of Jesus Christ......

WELL.....This week was great. Im still loving it here in Camana. There is so so much work to be done here...with the branch and the area! But hermana Rivero and I are working great together:) we get along super great. I love being with latins! I am really learning how to search out my talents and gifts and apply them...we all have so many! 
Last monday we had absolutely nothing to do...just like today haha there is not a lot to do here in this small pueblo...but Tuesday and Wednesday we traveled to Arequipa for leadership council. It was great to be back! i always learn so much of how to be a better misisonary and how to work better in my area. It was great! We also had interviews with president this week, which is always fun! He's awesome. 
I learned alot this week (first, sorry for my spelling) ...I feel like I am learning so so much everyday in my studies and from other people. But I wanted to share something I thought about this week about the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I was thinking about my I got to this point...why Im here..all that I had to go through (just like every other missionary) to get to this point in the mission. The good the bad and the ugly haha. I thought about when Jesus Christ suffered for each of us..for ME. In those moments on the cross and before that in gethsemane. IN those moments when He was sufferening...if I was there...what would I say to Him? I thought about that for awhile....I would tell Him to keep going...suffer a little more...suffer for my pains, my afflictions, my sadnesses, my sins. Because I KNOW that He is the only way I can get back to my Heavenly Father which is what I want more than anything. 
Now me in the mission here...There are people up above...praying for me and my companion that we will find THEIR loved ones...that we will talk with just one more person..that we will keep that not only THEM but THEIR loved ones can have the chance to accept the be baptized so that they can be baptized and so that they too can return to live with their Heavenly Father. 
I really liked this and wanted to share it with you guys...because firstly...we should be using and applying the atonement in our lives everysingle day because not anyone is perfect..and also that we can all be misisonaries...we should be proud to be members of the church something that brings us so much joy and want to share it with everyone so that they too can enjoy the blessings of living the Restored Gospel. 
I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. I love this work. 
I love you all!! have a great week!

Leadership Council


View from the roof...

Cutest little boys ever! 

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