Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seeing Miracles.......

Well, this week was really great. All I do is sweat....haha we wake up and run and sweat...then shower and still sweat...then study and sweat...then walk around all day and sweat and sweat and go to bed and never cool off haha. Its the best! I really dont mind it at all. Hermana Rivero and I work so great together. We are working our bums off and seeing miracles just with this one week together! Our area is HUGE...we have a bunch of little "pueblitos" in our area that we have to travel to (i dont know what that is in english). We set our goals high for this month, and we are going to reach them! 

We are teaching this young mom we contacted in the market named Yomayra...she has a baptism date for the 20th so we need your help in praying for her. Everyone here is not married or they are married and living with someone else and need to get divorced. So its a long process to be able to get baptized. We are waiting for her papers so she can get married. Another person we are teaching is Ricardo...we found him in one of the pueblos...he's 22 and has been wondering his whole life why he is here...what is his purpose here? We were able to teach him the plan of salvation and put a baptism date with him for the 16th. He came to conference yesterday and called us last night to tell us he loved conference. We are so excited for him but need lots of prayers for him....we are going to see miracles this change! 

Conference was amazing...I was so excited that I got one last conference here in the mission. Its such an amazing experience...we prayed and fasted this week that we would be able to recieve revelation and answers to our prayers. Before conference I meditated about 5 questions that I have  had and every single one of them was answered in conference. It was amazing. There were so many talks that I LOVED. Como our dear prophet..talking about decisions in life. That, like Alice in Wonderland, she had two paths before her..not knowing which one to take the cat told here "depends on where you want to go?" The difference in us and her like he explained is that we KNOW where we want to go...but we can choose which path we want to take the harder right or the easier wrong. I loved that.!!

I LOVE my Heavenly Father. I love this work, so much. I love the scriptures and this time that I get to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I feel blessed that I get to wear His name on my chest every single day. 

I love you all, have a great week! 
Hermana Holt 

Our pet...


Riding in a moto-taxi.

Our area.

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