Monday, April 18, 2016


Well...i will just give you a recap of the week because a lot happened...
Last Monday we went to a part of Camana called Pucchun...we hiked a GIANT sand hill to an old Incan Indian grave yard and searched for bones with all of the was super fun because we got super dirty and there was an amazing view of the fields and the ocean. We found an old skull and tons and tons of bones. 
We have been seeing MIRACLES in our area...God is seriously preparing people for us here and the spirit is guiding us to them...
On Tuesday we woke up at 5:30 and ran to the hospital to wait in line for two hours to get an appointment for Yomayra so she can FINALLY get married:) and worked in our area all was great. 
On Wednesday and Thursday we went to Mollendo for conference and to do divisions with the sisters there...I got to be with hermana Kirk from California and Calderon from Canada. It was fun...the drive there was crazy beautiful because we just rode the coast line the whole way! i loved it. 
On Friday we finally made our way out to Carddo again and were able to find Ricardo again. We have to literally risk our lives to get to his house because of all of the big dogs haha...I feel so good about him every time we teach him! hes super prepared. After the lessons we decided to do a little contacting and not joking every single person we contacted that day accepted us. It was a MIRACLE. We couldnt believe it because that is sooo not how they are here. 
On Saturday we got caught up in our studies and ended up studying for 2 extra hours in the morning. I can't get enough study time. I have never had a thirst like this for studying in my life...I stay up late with my flash light reading haha. its great! We decided to go out to the pampa on saturday to contact a little and decided to take this long dirt road that led us to a house. We knocked on the door of the house and this middle age lady opened the door big and said COME IN! we just looked at eachother like ummm okay? and went in and sat down she started shedding tears and told us she had been praying and waiting for us. It was super cool. She just couldnt stop smiling while we were talking. She had such a special spirit about her and we left feeling so good. It was amazing! 
On Sunday I had my first sunday in the branch FINALLY because of general conference and voting last week (there was no church) I got to speak in sacrament meeting and decided to speak on went great! 
It was a super great week! I cant believe how blessed we are...I love it! i love being a missionary! I love learning! its all great:) 
Hermana Holt 

Giant pig... 

A view of the fields and the ocean.

More bones...

Got attacked by a dirty dog....great way to start the day.

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